Powerstep Protech Control Wide Full Length Orthotic (25625)


  • Heel Pad: PORON® Foam heel pad, royal blue
  • Top Cover: Anti-microbial polyester top fabric, gray
  • Arch: Semi-rigid polypropylene support shell with 2 degree medial post
  • Dual Layer Cushioning: PORON® Foam top layer, gray; EVA base, black
  • Shoe Sizes: Available in 10 U.S. shoe sizes ranging from Men’s 4 to 15, and Women’s 6 to 12
  • Packaging Contains: 1 pair
  • The PowerStep ProTech line of orthotics were developed by a podiatrist to provide a unique foot support system that goes beyond just comfort. The PowerStep ProTech Control Wide full length insoles have a unique design with a firmer shell and angled heel platform for greater correction and arch support. The ProTech Control Wide full length orthotic insoles are a medical-grade foot support that have a wider profile with built-in neutral arch and dual-layer cushioning that are the perfect balance of comfort and support. The ProTech Control Wide insoles have a unique design with a firmer shell and angled heel platform for greater correction and arch support. The ProTech Control Wide insoles feature the signature PowerStep arch shape but with a firmer arch support to resist “bottoming out” under weight. The ProTech Control Wide insoles cradle the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control to limit excess stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.

    The ProTech Control Wide insoles feature a PORON® Cushion pad that cushions and protects at the heel, and an anti-microbial top fabric that helps control heat, friction, and perspiration. The cushioning layer is made up of energy activating PORON. Below the PORON Cushion layer is a semi-rigid neutral arch support with deep heel cradle and a slightly angled heel post for improved motion control and support. The lower layer is an EVA foam cushioning cover for maximum comfort.

    Feet with neutral arches naturally pronate when walking, where the feet and ankles roll slightly inward, placing pressure on the bigger toes and inside of foot. Neutral arches need stable, yet flexible arch support for shock absorption and proper alignment. By combining premium cushioning and the clinically proven PowerStep arch shape in a semi-rigid neutral arch support shell, the PowerStep ProTech Control Wide shoe inserts are a trusted solution to improve foot function, decrease arch pain, and help alleviate common foot conditions typically caused by overpronation.

    Our PowerStep products have received a major overhaul to better reflect the high quality, innovative product waiting inside. PowerStep products have begun to transition to the new, fresher look. Packaging has been updated to allow easier product self-selection and each product will have a unique logo for better product identification. Patients will still enjoy the same great PowerStep support they are accustomed to wearing!

    Overpronation can cause: Plantar Fasciitis; Achilles Tendonitis; Metatarsalgia; Morton’s Neuroma; Arch & heel pain; Ankle, knee, hip & back pain; Shin splints; Bunions; Heel spurs; Hammer & claw toes; Calluses & corns

    Ideal shoe type: Wide Width Shoes from 3E – 6E; Therapeutic, Athletic (Walking/Running), Casual, Work, & Dress Shoes

     **We are NOT able to accept returns on socks and inserts – these are final sale items**

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  • Full length orthotic shoe inserts for wide shoes
  • Cushioned pad at the heel
  • Anti-microbial top fabric
  • Contoured, semi-rigid neutral arch support shell with deep heel cradle and 2 degree medial post
  • Premium dual-layer support cushioning
  • Full length, total contact support that features a heel pad that further cushions and protects during heel strike and an anti-microbial top fabric that helps reduce heat, friction, and perspiration
  • Firmer but flexible contoured neutral arch support resists “bottoming out” under weight and features a deep heel cradle with a slightly angled heel post for greater support, correction, and motion control for those with standard arches
  • Premium dual-layer support cushioning provides bounce back with each step and enhanced comfort from heel to toe while absorbing shock at impact to reduce stress on the feet, ankles, joints and tendons
  • Perfect balance of comfort and support that stabilizes and aligns the feet to help relieve and prevent pain from overpronation
  • Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required
  • (ASM) Men’s 3-3.5 | Women’s 5-5.5
    (A) Men’s 4-4.5 | Women’s 6-6.5
    (B) Men’s 5-5.5 | Women’s 7-7.5
    (C) Men’s 6-6.5 | Women’s 8-8.5
    (D) Men’s 7-7.5 | Women’s 9-9.5
    (E) Men’s 8-8.5 | Women’s 10-10.5
    (F) Men’s 9-9.5 | Women’s 11-11.5
    (G) Men’s 10-10.5 | Women’s 12
    (H) Men’s 11-11.5
    (I/J) Men’s 12-13
    (K) Men’s 14-15
    (L) Men’s 16+

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, IJ, K




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