Expertly Fitted Shoes

At Cleary’s we want to make it feel good to be on your feet again. Our staff is trained to address any foot issue you may be experiencing.  We also feature an extensive inventory of footwear that are comfortable and stylish. Our professional services are affordable and guaranteed to determine your foot problems and resolve your specific ailments. Below is more information about Cleary’s process for properly fitting shoes for you.


Your feet are unique and deserve to be custom fitted for shoes – especially if are experiencing foot problems. There are many conditions that can make wearing shoes feel like punishment (see our list of common foot injuries). When a member of Cleary’s staff custom fits shoes the goal is to diminish the chances foot ailment occur and relieving the suffering of those who do have foot problems. Contact us and we’ll find the shoes that fit your feet and relieve your pain if you suffer from a foot condition.

Relieving PAIN

Medical professionals recognize that many painful conditions arise from wearing a poorly fitted shoe.  Our fitting process includes talking with each customer to understand if current issues may be related to wearing improperly fitted shoes.

Life Style

Sometimes activities you choose calls for a specific shoe.  At Cleary’s we have a variety of footwear to addresses both style and comfort for whatever the occasion you find yourself in be it exercise, socialize, work or play.